- Describe yourself,are you tall? What kind of person are you, your music taste your sense of style, single/taken, type of partner? What makes you, you? Now send this to 5 followers whom you want to know more about, anon or not

Ah Fran this is a lovely tag!! read more if u wanna know!!

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"This is how fragile your life is"

Frozen in time by Kate Adams 1993 on Flickr.

This is the line that has gotten me through life.

i should b doing homework instead of taking unnecessary pictures of my self


Headcanon that after the battle of Hogwarts, George dyes his hair an outrageous colour, and at first Molly is mad, but then she hears George whisper “I kept thinking it was him in the mirror”. 

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untitled by Rudy and the Trees on Flickr.